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Objectives and actions

This project aims at finding the best available measures to improve surface water, sediments and groundwater.

To reach this overall aim, five objectives were defined:

  1. Improving the ecological status of surface water bodies based on river ecosystem development and biodiversity enhancement;
  2. Improving the ecological status of surface water bodies based on sediment management;
  3. Sustainable water resources management for groundwater bodies;
  4. Assessing the implementation of the WFD programmes of measures;
  5. Raising public awareness.


The main actions consist of:

  • the implementation and monitoring of a number of transnational river ecosystem development measures and the elabaration of a transnational inventory on priority fish migration barriers;
  • the transboundary monitoring of sediment loads in order to feed a sediment delivery model and the construction of a sediment pond;
  • the transboundary monitoring and modelling of 2 transboundary groundwater systems as a basis for a joint declaration on transboundary groundwater management;
  • the development of a common set of indicators on the level of the Scheldt IRBD to assess the execution of programmes of measures, including costs, effects and benefits of measures;
  • the dissemination of information on transboundary integrated water management in the Scheldt IRBD by means of events, website, newsletters, information packages.


Below you can download the map of the presentation of the project or order it threw the contact form on this site.