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WP4: First report on economical indicators finished

Within the fourth work package of ScaldWIN (WP4) the main goal is to assess the implementation of the WFD programmes of measures.

In mid-2011 the first sub-project was carried out. This sub-project consisted of determining indicators that are suitable for monitoring the implementation (effects and costs) of measures. With the IVM (Institute for Environmental Studies of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam) as an external consultant, a report has been drafted in which has been documented which indicators are already used by the various countries. Consideration was also, in addition to a few theoretical deliberations concerning the cost effectiveness of measures, given to the extent to which common indicators can be identified in order to increase the mutual comparability of the costs and effects of measures. Photo 11: Knowledge processingThe delineation of the IVM study lay with the themes that were used in the first 3 work packages of Scaldwin, namely: river ecosystem developpement (hydromorphology), sediment and groundwater. It became clear that each country has its own approach, which results in a variety of indicators for mapping effects. An undisputed set of common indicators for each type of measure cannot be specified.

However, to give the IVM study report a practical applicability, a practical guide will be created within WP4 as a guideline. The guideline consists of a flow diagram of questions that a project manager logically encounters as soon as he/she tries to establish the costs and effects of a measure to be implemented.

The report is available in Dutch and French.